October 21, 2008

Gunshots Heard NOH Area

Last night (Monday) around 11:47 pm neighbors west of Gale Park called 911 after hearing 5 gunshots. Police responded with 2-3 unmarked and 1-2 squads with siren blasting. The police were searching up and down the 7600 block of the Marshfield alley. I had gotten an email earlier in the day regarding this incident but didn't read it until a few minutes ago.

Tonight, we were in the monthly Parks Advisory Councils meeting when we heard a noise. Park District employees checked to see if we were alright. We couldn't tell what the sound was above the white noise of the vents and the discussion. It could have been a wreck, a car backfiring or gunshots.

But a neighbor emailed tonight that there were 3 gunshots a few minutes after 8PM tonight on or near Howard/Marshfield. According to this neighbor, people on Marshfield didn't react...so its difficult to determine where the shots were fired if no one called it in.

Did any others neighbors hear gunshots either night?

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