October 8, 2008

Gale Park - Update

At 5:44PM my cell phone rang as the red line pulled into the Belmont station. Eva was calling with an update on the strange twist of events at today's Park District Board Meeting. She managed to make time in her hectic Wednesday schedule to attend the meeting and it had just adjourned when she called.

Joe Moore attended the meeting as did an assistant of a local NFP and others affiliated with the NFP. Joe asked for an extension until the end of the year so students could work on this special project as mentioned in last nights post. The research will be limited to students in Gale Academy only - I don't have many particulars on that aspect other than my assumption that there are time constraints plus the fact that it is the local grammar school. Or perhaps someone hastily worked with the principal to broker a deal.

It's interesting that Joe never returned my calls after leaving a message asking me to. Then there was our little discourse about the facts of the matter yesterday at the Howard El. It's interesting that he actually made an appearance on behalf of the project. All he had to do was discuss it with me - like an adult. It's an uneven playing field to call someone 'difficult' to work with if one doesn't return calls.

At least the Gale Academy students will have a different kind of history lesson to work on in the next few weeks. It was considerate of the Park District board to accomodate this extension so the students and neighbors can participate in naming their local park.

It's possible the students and the community will chose the name and legacy of Willye White for the park. At least it will have come from the community (and from those who care) for the community - that's what counts.

Post Script: The NFP director didn't attend, just the assistant

X number of people - some who reside in the suburbs spoke in favor of naming the park after Ms. White
X number of persons claim they will come to Gale Academy and educate the students on the legacy of Ms. White

Now is that politickin' or what?

How about just sponsoring a basketball league or doing a fundraiser? Be really proactive ladies and gentlemen.


Hugh said...

thanks to Joe for going to the hearing and speaking out

Hugh said...

once again thanks to Eva for speaking for us!

Toni said...

Willye B White

Toni said...

For some reason this comment didn't appear when published:

I live here too has left a new comment on your post "Park District Re-Naming Gale Park Tomorrow":

Who is/was Willey White? Was she local, or active in the NOH area? I have not heard of her before.