October 29, 2008

Election Crazies

The election crazies are real and sometimes overwhelming. A friend hired someone to repair flashing after a leak developed during the Hurricane Ike rains. A week after the special application there was water dripping again after a rainy night. The contractor got into it with his client because he didn’t like the clients political choice. (Mind you, it came about via email because the client emailed after the contractor didn’t return phone calls.)

In spite of a written 2 year warranty, the contractor is refusing to honor it…just because his client isn’t pro-McPalin! Hope the client gets the money back.

Then there’s the grandiose Grant Park, sold out, ticket only election fest so our police can be diverted downtown for that. Not sure what the McPhalin’s have planned but at least it’s not here. Between the constant media coverage, polls and talking heads, maniacal people, here’s some appropriate therapy

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The North Coast said...

If the contractor didn't have such a handy excuse, he'd find something else to seize upon. Contractors are the sleaziest people on Earth and have abundant legal protections. I know of only one person who ever had a totally satisfactory experience with a renovation or (God Forbid)a house built to spec.

Love your humorous link.