October 2, 2008

Eat and Toss -

According to a voicemail Michael Land left, he’d checked out the trash I’d complained about on the Broadmoor East Parkway. That was in September. He said he’d been here to check out my trash complaint and said it wasn’t too bad. Well, here’s the opening shot for the end of September and beginning of October.

Broadmoor East Eat and Toss

At least when the paper trash is weighted down with rainwater it doesn’t blow north for the rest of us to pick up from our parkway spaces.

Across the street, the Broadmoor is undergoing renovations. Should that be an excuse not to pick up the trash that accumulates in the parking lot? It would be helpful to put some screening up so the loiterers who sit at 7616 Bosworth couldn’t stash their booze and/or other highlights there. They stash their goodies in the parking lot next to the 'concrete bench' in front of 7616 and reach through when they need a brew or other items. That might help the police who drive by when called about dealing or dice games to actually see the nature of the complaint. It might help if they parked and got out of the vehicle once in awhile. If it isn't a blatant scene they don't get out.

Last summer, the big planters in front had flowers, this summer they contained weeds, half pints and beer cans.

I did receive calls from neighbors letting me know they too had contacted the attorney who represents the new owner(s) of the Broadmoor East. We sincerely hope he’s taking note of the temperature of Bosworth Neighbors. Right now, he is the only conduit between the future of Broadmoor East and the real people who live here, walk here, pick up other peoples trash here. Listen to us – not the fab 14 who live elsewhere.

If you live on Bosworth it shouldn't matter if you are within 250 feet or not if you walk past this mess two or more times a day.


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Toni said...

Amazing - tonight the trash in the photo that was there this morning had been removed.

Sorry Billyjoe - your ignorant comment was rejected as will future attempts.

I've been picking up other peoples trash for 6 years. Basta.