October 20, 2008

Double Standards

"One known medical episode could shed light on Palin's judgment. Just before her fifth child was born in April, she flew more than 3,000 miles from Texas to Anchorage. Local reports indicated she took the flight after realizing that her water had broken and despite knowing that the baby was one month premature." Chicago Tribune

Most airlines don’t condone pregnant women flying after 34 to 38 weeks. Yet here is this ‘you betcha’ mom endangering her fetus and herself on a 3000 mile flight. Let’s be anti-abortion for other women, but just call it God’s will for me, because I’m Sarah Palin.


The North Coast said...

Toni, I detest Palin and consider her to be the worst and most unqualified candidate for major office ever, but this is ONE thing I won't criticize her for.

The rule forbidding flying for women in the late stages of pregnancy is arbitrary and extremely outdated. A woman is much safer and more comfortable in a plane than in a car, and it was probably worth it to her to have her own physician in attendance.

I remember once reading how this arbitrary, foolish rule condemned one woman who was in labor to a wretched 4-hour trip over rutted Mexican roads to a primitive local hospital, because this rule prevented her from flying back to the states to be attended to in a decent facility.

The FAA ought to step out of it and let the woman and her doctor decide what's best for her.

Toni said...

I think they have hospitals and physicians in the state of Texas who could have attended a premature birth NC. Her physician could have flown there if that was her wish.

It's hardly worth comparing the 3000 mile flight to driving on 'rutted Mexican roads' at all. I think the jest of the article was Palin's capability to make sensible decisions.

Babies don't follow any one's timetables - even a governors. There aren't any specific rules on how long labor will be. In the instances of the water breaking, there is always concern.

Neither of us are ob/gyns - but I do remember the doctors telling me I had to stay with a friend while Mr. Duncan drove to the airport to pick up my mother. Maybe they know more than we do? BTW - Mother flew in on a Wednesday and my daughter decided to come on Monday - full term - not a month or so early.