October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

The trend is to downplay Columbus Day – but Chicago will celebrate it as usual.

ABC 7 covers parade


Still, it isn't as if the only way the Native American story can be told is by raining on the Italians' parade. Had Columbus not stumbled upon the New World, it would have been somebody else -- the Portuguese or the English or whomever. It wasn't going to stay unnoticed. Why blame the Italians for what happened after Columbus arrived?

Perhaps a different approach could be attempted, a few "We Knew We Were Here All Along" floats in the Columbus Day festivities maybe. Everyone contributes to American history, and even though I may value Dante, Puccini and pasta more than Sitting Bull, war chants and maize, I don't see why the descendants of some of the groups that helped make this nation great should square off against each other. There's plenty of history to go around, and all who call themselves Americans have a place there, no matter what adjective they like to stick in front of it. Neil Steinberg – Sun-Times

Much could be said about the state of American Natives in the 21st Century, even more could be done. I suppose if any group deserves an apology, they should be the first in line. Are they included in the rally cry of ‘diversity’ we hear day in and day out?

Chicago loves parades and there are many ethnic parades and festivals celebrated here. While no one can reverse history – one can always make the attempt to learn from it.

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