October 11, 2008

Caribbean American Bakery Cleanup

By mid-afternoon the clean-up began on the collapsed storefront that houses the Caribbean-American Bakery.

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The remaining terra cotta had be pushed over to prevent further collapse. The owner is the man in the bright blue T-shirt and white cap. He was amazed that many of us cared enough for Howard Street history to take momentos of the ornate slabs. The building is about 100 years old. He plans to re-open in a few weeks when re-construction of the facade is complete.

He was inside the building last night and said he could 'feel it starting to shake'. Thankfully he wasn't injured.

Tonight it's boarded-up all the way to the roof.


I heart the R.P. said...

They have the best patties around! I also get bread there, hope they reopen soon.

caribak said...

The bakery has reopened at a temporary location. 1547 W. Howard St. (3 doors west).
Patties, bread/cakes buns available.