October 7, 2008

AIG's Shocking Spa Weekend On Our Dime

The rest of us can clip our own toenails, we aren't precious.


The North Coast said...

AIG today just got ANOTHER loan, of $37 Billion, on top of the first one, as it's evident that the first won't be sufficient.

And neither will this one. Watch, this one Den of Thieves will get into us for hundreds of billions.

And Citicorp is on the ropes.

And the $700 Billion is not doing the trick, which we knew it wouldn't.

And Pelosi is proposing ANOTHER stimulus package of $150Billion.

Are these damned people TRYING to drive our currency to zero and collapse the treasury?

Toni said...

Who knows? If they're typical corporate pups they're winging it as they go.

It's a mentality that is very difficult to comprehend for us and for them.