September 20, 2008

World Music Fest 2008 - Rumba Baby

Yves Francois Et Rocaubmu Jazz – They were great and you can enjoy their jazz at African Harambee Restaurant on Fridays.

Yves Francois Et Rocambu Jazz GEDC0092

There were only about 120-130 people near the stage when Yves Francois Et Rocambu Jazz finished their set. The final group was Samba Mapangala & Virunga (Dr. Congo/Kenya) African Rumba and Soukous. What a vibrant sound!

Dr Congo/Kenya African Rumba and Soukous GEDC0104

I was walking around and suddenly groups of people entered the park – it was magical. There were probably more than 400 when the last samba was danced.

GEDC0093 GEDC0100 GEDC0110 GEDC0108

And the dancing began……Thank you boomers for getting everyone on their feet!

GEDC0101 GEDC0111

The almost grand finale was interactive with audience participation.

GEDC0115 GEDC0117

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