September 3, 2008

Track Your TIF Dollar$

Please review and submit this Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Interested Parties Registry Form, provided by the City's Department of Planning and Development (DPD). The forms were created by the 1999 TIF Reform Act and provides you the right to receive information on your local TIF when under consideration by City Council and its implementation committee (being the Chicago Plan Commission or the Chicago Development Commission). When completing this form be specific about the TIF district you are interested in monitoring. You can register as a resident of the City of Chicago or for an organization within the city. There are 158 TIF districts within the City of Chicago.

This year alone, the Chicago Park District has received over $12 million in TIF dollars from City hall toward a host of park projects. You too can direct where your tax dollars are spent! Get registered today and begin tracking TIF activity in your neighborhood. More information will follow on this subject matter.

If any assistance is needed, please call John Paul Jones, FOTP's Director of Neighborhood Parks and Community Relations at (312) 857-2757 ext. 15.

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