September 16, 2008

Tell Us It Ain't So

Howard Street El station has changed but is the gathering place going to revert to the bad old days?

August 16, 2008 was the closing of the Howard Street El station. While it’s a tad inconvenient – especially for the seniors – the new entrance is still clean. Many neighbors have reveled that the drug marketers are no longer slinking there. They've moved – but aren't quite so obvious. When the greasy spoon closed it doors and the barricade went up, at last pedestrians could walk to the train without seeing the usual suspects.

In May 2008 - remember?
Howard5.9.08 004

Present view:

BUT – there’s always a BUT isn’t there? But, rumor has it, the greasy spoon, Pete’s, is hoping to re-open across the street in this building. Perhaps an old timer can recall, but once upon a time there was a hamburger joint on this corner that was a dealer haven in the winter. The neighborhood finally closed it just as they did Pete's.


The building is for sale - so perhaps the rumor will remain just that - a rumor.

Many of us would like a little place to grab breakfast with a friend or read the paper over a steaming cuppa...but could we have a clean, respectable establishment? The kind with chairs and utensils and no loiterers?

Arise, Howard, from the dust and ashes and regain some glory!

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