September 22, 2008

Pandering - Right and Left

The two mainstream American political parties have become pandering enablers. One panders to the rich while the other panders to the poor. They’re bi-polar in my opinion but now we have perky little Sarah with her all-American high school sweetheart hubby, her brood, her guns and her small town mentality. There’s nothing wrong with that mentality if everyone shares it – but what if it lands in the minority of the masses?

Not all Americans want to ban books, have an arsenal in the closet or overturn Roe v Wade.

Sure, apple pie, Chevrolet (my dad was a Ford man) and baseball is the American way. What is not acceptable anymore is the pandering; the diversion from real human rights to the non-separation of church and state to the extent this movie is playing out. If a female wants an abortion it’s her damn business not the governments. If a person is gay – you cannot pray it away any more than you can pray away your family history. What is – is and what isn’t – isn’t.

What we do not have is any form of checks and balances anymore. It’s a free-for-all with corporate lobbyists and Tony Rezko types slithering through the halls of government. While the country sits in a depression both parties are raising millions of dollars! Somehow, the banks were deregulated enough to cause a bigger firestorm than the S&L Scandal

There’s mud to sling from the other side too. There's the Mud from Rezko and mud on the personal approach from this book.

Citizens are expected to work more, pay more, give more while these power-driven candidates make promises they may not be able to fulfill. Enter the religious right ranting and chanting even though America is supposed to embrace freedom of religion –not to mention freedom of speech.

Our personal histories began with those who created America to escape some form of persecution. But we’ve yet to arrive at that point. In fact, it seems we’re making the full circle and the Great Divide is no longer a geographical term. On one side are those who seek to govern with their religious controls on moral aspects while dishing out the usual lip service to the middle class workers. On the other side we have those doing due diligence to the rich and promising jobs and the American Dream to the poor… and more free this and more free that. We don’t need any more free this or that…we need discipline and direction not pipedreams that shatter when reality hits. That’s the 21st century persecution we to face – enabling needs to be replaced with equilibrium before the middle class is extinct.

Social services are and should be for people who not only need help but want help to rise out of the situation they’re in. Unfortunately, it has become a life style for many generations that were promoted and fed by the enablers. It's expected now.

On the flip side are the ultra rich and their tax loopholes so the middle class can take up their slack financially. It's expected now. It’s similar to the office situation where one tier feels they’re too entitled to replace the empty bottle in the water cooler and run to tell the someone on a lower level. Or there are those who feel they're too special to pick up the mail in the mailroom when they're expecting a letter. I've always wondered if they act like that at home - the old 'hey honey, bring me a beer' mentality. Then there are the workers who come in late, leave early and dump their work on others. By some standards, this is a feeble description of teamwork and it aligns with the current political mentalities too. Just dump it on the middle class.

Maybe it’s time for a real political party – the equalizers or the balancers just anything but the enablers.

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The North Coast said...

Social services should also be only for the very neediest.

We have millions of poor and near-poor people in this country- the majority of the poor, really- who cause no problems, work their lives away in crap jobs that pay single digits per hour that are necessary to run this economy, stay out of trouble, and in general contribute. It's too bad that the panderers put themselves out only for the tiny minority that is responsible for all our social problems. We don't see the people standing behind the counter at some fast food shack or bagging our stuff at the dry-cleaners, and these people count for naught with our poverty pandering politicians,whose crony contributors make fortunes off worthless social programs that target the incorrigible.

We have also, unfortunately, put ourselves in a dire situation by pandering to the middle classes in the matter of home ownership. For 80 years, we have subsidized and incentivized home ownership by various programs promulgated by HUD,the FHA, GNMA, FNMA,tax exemptions and the rest-the whole idea being that home ownership is an intrinsic good and an ENTITLEMENT no matter how little suited or prepared a buyer may be.

Home ownership is NOT an entitlement and is NOT a universal good, especially if it means not true ownership but permanent indebtedness at levels the buyer can't possibly sustain long-term.

People blame Free Market policies, yet it was our government created, via the Federal Reserve, HUD, Freddie, Fannie, Ginnie, the FHA, the IRS, a system designed to incentivize bad loans and create price hysteria. This would never have happened if lenders had been forced to carry their own risks front to back, would never have happened had our government and government-enabled agencies not stood ready to soak the bad paper up as fast as it was written. Generate those loans and keep the market hysteria going, our authorities said, and we'll see to it you can skim billions of dollars a year in salaries right off the top.

And now, the entire population will be "collateral damage", as a result of government interference and enabling. The Righteous will die just like the Wicked- except for the people at the top who profited the most- amazing the resistance so many pols have to reducing the salaries of the head honchos of the outfits they're bailing, let alone asking these scum to give back their ill-gotten gains of the past 6 years.