September 12, 2008

Oh Woe, The Royal Furlough

My God, Berney gave up $832 in pay this year! That’s just a damn shame isn’t it? He may have to file bankruptcy if Daley doesn't get off Stone's Royal. How much money do we ‘forfeit' with the highest sales tax in the country?

Well, Berney, you can kiss our royal taxpaying behinds too

Do you think Berney et al are being selfish? What happened to all this team player crap? You know, the 'we're in this together, we have expenses too, we have to make sacrifices' bla bla bla.

Meanwhile, the mother company wants to recoup money and upgrade our antiquated electric grid. It has to be NOW not spread out over a sensible term and is effective Sunday. Get those energy saver bulbs and if you’re not in the room – turn the light off. ComEd Rate Hikes

Here’s Huberman’s genius pilot plan to accommodate more riders on certain brown line train cars. Riders know the joy of paying money to stand squeezed in someone’s armpit with a briefcase jammed into their ribs! Ron has found a way to increase that morning high. Just get that monthly pass and ride the CTA

Ladies - if you're one of those commuters who does hair and make up in transit - stay off the first two cars.


Hugh said...

I'm pretty sure Berny's fav report Fran tidied up that quote a tad for publication

Toni said...

Point is - or question is:

Do you think alderpersons should get their raise or not?