September 11, 2008

From and For The Women

A friend forwarded this last night. The octogenarian women picked up on this act!


Fargo Woman said...

I don't see where or how it is I can post my comment on that blog. I am definately anti-Palin. Anyone who actively attempts to ban and or burn books is simply dangerous, especially when that person holds or seeks public office. Add to that her continual use of evangelical "God Speak" and I forsee real problems for all of us (read the world) if she ever gets in national office. The idea of her being a hearbeat away from the Oval Office is frightening to me.

O.K., that's what I would have posted if I had found a way to post on that blog.


Toni said...

Hi Fargo Woman,

Their email is under their profile.
Did you click on the 'home' button for all their posts?

pearl said...

Have some liberal minds been brainwashed? The anti-Palin venom spewing from so-called women's rights/libs is depressing and embarassing. Sarah Palin is EVERYTHING the NOW has been telling us women to be: she is ambitious, motivated, has a career, married a good looking guy who apparently is involved in raising the family. She's tough yet feminine, not becoming a man in her success. And she's at least done some challenging of the establishment (which is more than can be said for our Democratic ticket). But because she has some views that are conservative in nature she's a monster? Disagree with Palin's politics; believe that her appointment to the VP slot was a cynical move on McCain's part but let's give the woman her due and celebrate that finally -- finally -- there is a woman on the presidential ticket. She -- not unlike Hillary or Nancy Pelosi -- represents exactly what it is that women have been fighting for. It's not Sarah's fault that Barack wimped out and picked an old white guy party hack for his VP slot.

I am weary of the lack of respect, seemingly more on the part of liberals these days (though well represented on both sides of the political spectrum), for those with a different view. Both liberal and conservatives views on matters are noble and well-intentioned. I may be pro choice but I understand why some people are pro-life. And, honestly, I kind of appreciate their input. Abortion may be the best solution for any one person but it should never be a comfortable solution (for obvious reasons but if anyone needs me to spell it out, I'd be happy to). I am completely agnostic but appreciate the beneficial influence that religion can have on a society. I like to keep a nice wall between church and state but I'm not interested in running the churches out of town. Government programs and intervention can help alleviate societal imbalances and provide important safety nets. Otoh, it's important that society keep too much power from accruing to government (and the organization with the most money ultimately has the most power). Checks and balances, balances and checks.

I find this election depressing from both sides. For the first time in a long time we have well intentioned, maybe even noble candidates, who both have the same vision for the U.S. -- a peaceful, prosperous, safe country in which we can live our lives and seek our happiness. Their differences are only in how to achieve such. We have a black man and a woman on the tickets. How cool is that that we've come this far, no matter how we got here. I appreciate that we each want our team to win but I wish we'd start showing our political brethren, whether we agree with them or not, a bit more respect and give folks their due.

Toni said...

Pearl - Of course this election is depressing - they all are to some extent. They drag on too long for one thing. And, in an economic depression both sides are raising millions for a campaign while we get hit with tax and utility hikes. Some of your thoughts are similar to a post I started that's been sitting in draft!

I can't consider myself "liberal" after living in Rogers Park for 6 years. The hoopla of happy, happy from our local leadership has worn thin. There's the word liberal and then there's the ward 49 enablers 'liberal' that churns stomachs.

Again, abortion is NONE of the governments business - that's how it should be anyway.

No, we don't need to run the churches out of town, just need to keep the priests/preachers OUT of politics. Fat Chance.

About Palin being the liberated woman model? I'm not so sure...about that. There's still the controversy over who pays for rape kits that any real woman would have raised hell about.

Then there's her attitude on no sex education - just abstinence. Statistics have proven the latter does not work with the human race. It's ignorant not to educate on pregnancy and STD/HIV and if one or both of the latter happens - say it's 'gods will'? Not in this century. That's the small town mentality I see in Palin. Many of us escaped that small town mentality and aren't really thrilled to see it rearing its ugly head again.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

Fargo Woman... the banning books email you and many other received is FALSE.

CNN.COM did webcast about that and many other incorrect rumors.

my favorite quote from the above link to the telecast...
"The people that are most susceptible to such rumors are Democrats". LOL funny

for all women...

I may not agree with 100% of Sarah Palin's views on many topics... But, I think she is an outstanding representative of the Success of the Women's movement. WE, as Women, would be Liars if we told our Daughters that they are only Equal IF THEY BELIEVE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY LINE; rather than they ARE Equal, and to Believe in themselves.

Go Sarah! Wear that lipstick proud.

Toni said...

> I think she is an outstanding representative of the Success of the Women's movement.

Sorry Kitty - that's even more depressing.

Thank god my daughter doesn't wear lipstick.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

Here's a fun link to all the Sarah Palin rumors.


Love his sense of humor about it all. lol.

Fargo said...

I think Sarah Palin is a reflection of the fact that the Women's Movement has only gotten halfway there. Too much of what she stands for is status quo, following the old boys' club. No thanks.

McCain may have done Barack Obama (and the rest of us) a big favor with his dubious choice.

pearl said...

I am going to reserve judgement on the Palin abortion kit kerfuffle until the facts (as opposed to the spin) come out. It turns out that the whole banned book thing was b.s. and the so-called list circulating the internet was a complete fabrication. See for the detail on that.

Fargo: are you saying that if I don't buy the complete NOW/DEM agenda then I'm only halfway to being a true woman? If this is what you mean to say and if this is what is meant by woman's rights then I want no part of it. I don't want ANYONE - man, woman, GOPer, DEM, or whoever - dictating to me what my views should be. I don't know about you, but I have a mind of my own, capable of analyzing issues, and can come to my own conclusions. Sometimes my conclusions will fall in more progressive camps and sometimes they will fall in more conservative camps.

I see a lot of group think going on both among liberals and conservatives and it's like religious fanatacism. I think this is what Marx meant by religion being the opiate of the masses. In other words, people starting believing X and never question it.

It is only by LISTENING and questioning ourselves that true progress is made.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

re; Roe

What a sham!

Wise up people. You're being used.

YOU own your vote.

Don't let ANY party blackmail you.

ot- Pearl ... you got it right. Don't ever stop questioning.