September 16, 2008

Fool(s) Shoot at Police NOH

Approximately 9:45 PM a neighbor left a voice mail. I returned the call and got the scoop.

The police had detained someone in the alley west of Bosworth by the park. Apparently a real funny joker fired paint balls at the police while they were questioning the person. The 'shots' allegedly came from a window of the Northpoint building at the corner of Jonquil and the alley. There were 8 squads who responded to the scene according to the neighbor who called. Oddly, at the last CAPS meeting the building manager admitted there 'were problems' but she had to catch the perps in the act or she was wasting her time going to court.

Tonights episode sounds like just cause for a search warrant - shooting anything at a cop. If landlords and managers really, really want to get rid of problem tenants - there are several avenues to take.


Toni said...

from the neighbor:

Forgot to mention, Steiner was out there but did nothing to note the
incident according to on lookers, Steiner stayed in the background and did not talk to the police on site.

Toni said...

FYI - Steiner is the security company that patrols the Northpoint buildings.