September 8, 2008

Every Day Is A Holiday North of Howard

The weekend was nearly as noisy as Labor Day without the holiday. But nearly every day is a holiday North of Howard. Yes, I am dissing the neighborhood again and when the level of disgusting behavior disturbs neighbors in the confines of their own domiciles that’s what happens.

I was working on one of my projects (in the back of the house) when the noise level from the street got higher. Around 10PM I heard a male voice yelling ‘shut the f*#k up’ - probably from a window. A little later, I called a neighbor to see what was happening on his end of the block. The two Northpoint buildings had an on-going loitering party and people were shuffling between that end of the street and mine.

Around 12:30 AM the noise level had not lowered and when I looked out the front window there was a small ‘party’ across the street. The party was attended by both genders, a baby in stroller and 3-4 small children who were playing in the dirt everyone pisses and spits on. There were 15-20 people in total. And of course, the circling bicycle boys stopped now and again.

At 3:00 AM, I finished my project and the party was still going on. At least the good mothers had taken the kids home to bed – finally.

Perhaps the bleedin’ hearts would like to join the NOH neighbors next Saturday night and watch this movie? No charge for the popcorn!

Maybe we could persuade the party to move to the bleedin’ hearts street so they could have a good dose of what they created in this little neighborhood. Perhaps their stalker blogger could stop by and ‘stare’. I doubt it would last until 3:00 AM with the police just doing drive-by and drive-on on their street.


Bosworth said...

As I was walking past a Northpoint building this morning, one of their maintenance staff was out front sweeping up the liquor bottles, chip bags, dirty diapers and other assorted trash that accumulates over the weekend. I see this man every weekday morning, and he is always friendly and pleasant. As we were exchanging our 'good mornings', a resident of the building opened her window to tell him the hallways were filthy. Apparently the building doors were left open over the weekend, and in her words, trash was everywhere and someone had also pissed in the hallways many times.
When the building management doesn't do anything about the problem tenants, what can the rest of the neighborhood expect?
Until the alderman decides to make these problem landlords enforce the rules and ordinances of the city and the federal government backed loans they have secured, this neighborhood will continue to be the dumping ground for all of the problems.

Toni said...

And the sad part of your comment is the good tenants suffer too. It only takes one bad apartment to ruin a building. Like the rest of the people here, opening that door or walking outside is risky business.

Thanks to all those non-resident interventionists who claimed there were few problems at Northpoint so they could get their rehab money with a 30 year continuation was their insurance policy that these types wouldn't be in their back yard.