September 30, 2008

Don't Freeze My Raise Rich!

"Meanwhile, all but six of Chicago's 50 aldermen plan to accept a 6.2 percent cost-of-living increase that will boost their annual salaries to $110,556 Jan. 1.
Aldermen John Pope (10th); James Balcer (11th); Scott Waguespack (32nd); Tom Tunney (44th); Helen Shiller (46th), and Mary Ann Smith (48th) are the only aldermen to sign affidavits by a Sept. 15 deadline declaring their intention to forfeit the increase.

Forty-four aldermen declined to sign the affidavit from Budget Director Bennett Johnson, in part, because of the effect it would have on their pensions. Some were offended that Johnson even asked." Full Sun Times Article

We already know that Berny wants his raise – it’s irrelevant if the rats are given permission to finish taking over parts of his ward. Now the rodents on Devon can merrily munch on tons of trash if those cutbacks are made.

As for Ward 49 – well, I told Joe and Wayne after Memorial Day that the tree on the parkway had dead branches. I reported the dead branches again the last time Joe had his Satellite at the Howard el. I actually made him laugh that day. He saw me coming and turned to ‘greet’ people coming from the south and the bus. When he turned around I was there looking up at him. Just one simple smiley question: “Are you Joe Moore?”

I may strongly disagree with some of Joe’s antics – but I am still a constituent with dead limbs in a city tree I didn’t plant in the parkway. When the limbs fall it will not be on my car but they may land on one of his favored constituents vehicles. So beware parking under dead tree limbs or ask Joe to get them sawed off.

Daley should consolidate the wards and save a helluva lot of money – not just this year but every year.


Fargo said...

Half the number of aldermen would be a good start.

Toni said...

$2,763,900 savings....

Maybe they could offer a package that includes season tickets to their favorite sports team or ....

The North Coast said...

If Los Angeles can get by with 7, we could get by with 10.

These people not only get paid largish salaries with COLA raises, expenses,and lavish benefits added on, but also have retinues of 4 or 5 (at least) flunkies on the city payroll.

Everyone else is taking cuts and/or losing jobs.Our costs have risen steeply- everything I buy or use has risen 40% in price in the past 7 years. Where's my COLA? Our public employees need to find out how the rest of us live, and maybe they wouldn't be so cavalier about tossing around public money.