September 19, 2008


I moved here on September 4, 2002. It was one of the easiest moves I’ve ever experienced. The old place was emptied and everything was placed in its new home between 8AM and 11:30 AM - including the cats. They needed extra special time to get introduced to the layout, the litter location and their favorite furniture. By nightfall, I sat on the living room floor looking out the open window wondering what the hell this place was about. I soon discovered the layers of grime and manipulations and finally began to blog about it. It was street corner and phone talk but not mainstream information unless you mentioned where you lived. Yes, I was aware of some of the bad history of this area.

One of my first posts was about Broadmoor East and this week I posted the latest follow-up. Someone took offense at the way the post was presented and hurled a few choice names my way (via email) – from clueless to lightweight to milk toast. Yeah right.

I made the calls, did the research and the post reflected what I was told – not what I suspected or necessarily believe(d). The term ‘dancing around’ is one clue to my cluelessness. Another would be linking to CIC’s website where one can find names and phone numbers just as I did. Another would be ‘the ward office’ and Michael Land. Humm….those three terms in conjunction with any property North of Howard usually raise flags to anyone who knows the history of this area.

Why would I call and ask for a definition of ‘affordable housing’ if I wasn’t suspicious?

Do we know that CIC + Joe Moore + North of Howard generally indicate Section 8? Sometimes but not always. The last I heard, the new owner wasn’t completely sure which direction he’d be taking – but how do I know it’s true? I don’t. So if anyone wants to pursue the matter further, surely the answers are a few phone calls away. If I can make calls, make follow-up calls, so can anyone.

I expressed my disdain about any more Section 8 being brought into this over-saturated area. I expressed my opinion when I heard Ms. Maurello state that she and Joe had tried to work with Northpoint. If you have an opinion or extra time on your hands, you are free to make calls, start a petition, stand on the corner and yell, demand a community meeting, then please do! Or you may take the easy path and do nothing but complain.

It seems complaining is the one commonality that keeps progress from happening here. People seem to be too consumed with heady arguments, too busy to hit the pavement and get their neighbors opinions. And by neighbors, I mean all of them. Frankly, I don’t care if my neighbors own or rent. What I care about is having a safe, quiet, clean neighborhood. Creating safety is not my job – but that of the alderman and the 24th and owners/managers of the project based buildings the progressives have placed in this nook.

What does Section 8 have to do with it you may ask? “Nothing if the buildings are properly managed, maintained and tenants properly screened and follow HUD's guidelines” would be my response. But that is not the case here and I’ve blogged about it more than some care to hear about. The ratio is off-balance – everyone with a live brain cell knows it – but still the only area to place ‘affordable’ homes is North of Howard.

So excuse me while I wrap this post up – this time without tongue in cheek. It’s time for popcorn and the movie that will invariably play out at the hot spots across the street - courtesy of progressive liberalism fueled by Spartan neighborhood activism. When there is an elevation in activism, the egos seem to deflate the point and purpose and the status quo continues on its lop-sided way.

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