September 17, 2008

Broadmoor East Update

A long time Bosworth eyesore will be rehabbed into affordable rentals. The new owner(s) has applied for a zoning change to place 2 residential spaces in a commercial zoning on the ground level of Bosworth.


I contacted Angela Maurelo, VP of Community Investment Corporation to inquire what was going on with these properties. At first we seemed to be dancing around the meaning of the term 'affordable'. So I politely as possible explained that this small area was over-saturated with section 8 and expressed that concern. Her response was the apartments would be 'affordable' to the residents of the neighborhood. She suggested that I contact my alderman. I did mention the on-going problems that Northpoint has offered the community for years which no one has dealt with. She assured me that both she and the alderman had tried to work with Northpoint. OK.

So, I called the ward office late Wednesday, September 3. I was to get a return call with the information the next day. By Friday, I hadn't received a call or email so called again and asked for Michael Land. He did discuss the term of affordable and further explained the new owner would be seeking a zoning change for the ground level on Bosworth. Unless the former Thrift Shop has a Bosworth address, I'm not sure what he's referring to. The commercial spaces are all on Howard.

The Bosworth courtyard in September, 2008.

View from the alley of the courtyard that faces north.


The former Thrift Shop at Bosworth and Howard apparently will become residential rather than commercial and possibly some of the wrap around on Howard.
GEDC0086 GEDC0087GEDC0089

Is the past due water bill is tied into the former ownership of Broadmoor East by the heavily layered tax-exemptions of IMC Management that allowed the Bosworth building to remain vacant for years? IMC was dissolved a few years ago.


The dumpsters have been in the rear courtyard all summer – this is the back side of the buildings facing Howard and Bosworth.

GEDC0091 GEDC0093

So, we will wait to see if there are section 8 apartments or not. Hopefully, Mr. Land conveyed the message that the parkway of this property is not the neighbors responsibility to keep trash free as he stated he would.

Let's hope some creativity is exercised on the commercial spaces. We're over-saturated in fast food, shoe stores and dollar stores too.

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