September 30, 2008

The 21st Century Crusade?

In America, we are (supposed to be) free to choose and practice or not practice religion. Maybe its time to start seeking agnostics for political office. Sure, the video in the 21st Century Crusade is grainy, it's not super or too recent, and is a product of the National Enquirers' research - but its unnerving that 'religion' is always an underlying current in politics.

Ia Sarah the victim or is Sarah the persecutor? Did she piss off someone and fear a 'hex' was or would be put on her? Maybe in her several colleges days she participated in Wicca and needed to purge her past? Next time, don't video it Sarah.

Perhaps one of the questions in Thursdays VP Debate should be about freedom of religion, prejudice and ignorance. As I recall, the Bush administration didn't rally when it was time to bury certain dead soldiers. It was alright to die for the country but not alright to have their religious symbol on their headstone.

Wiccan Soldiers Final Resting Place

From CNN

The least Sarah and her kind can do, is to read up - yes from a BOOK - just where the tradition of the Easter Egg, Yule, May Day and many others originated. Granted, it may turn up her nose or toes but neither will fall off and end up in a Halloween cauldron.

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