September 25, 2008

The 13 Minute Excuse

Will our great, great, great grandchildren read this in history books? All the Clinton Slammers nationwide sooner or later may have to admit that impeachment over a little sex in the Oval Office really pales in comparison to Iraq and the deregulation that has us sitting in this smelly corner of the litter box.

Clinton at least balanced the budget for the first time in how many years? Does anyone remember those 7% interest rates on CDs? Clinton also left his successor a surplus which Dubya proceeded spend like a kid in a toy store. Hopefully our children’s children will never have an idiot leading this country again. That includes all the cronies who voted along with him most of the time. Yet no one ever rallied to an impeachment call and now it's too damn late. Dubya excused himself from the mess in 13 minutes. Amazing.

A friend told me today that her money market which had invested a small percentage of her nest egg in Lehman Brothers has been frozen all week. Online balance states 0 - yes zero. The money is there - just not accessible and as of late this afternoon, the investment firm had no comment as to when it would be either. Ain't that grand?


"Many mortgage lenders approved loans for borrowers without carefully examining their ability to pay. Many borrowers took out loans larger than they could afford, assuming that they could sell or refinance their homes at a higher price later on."
But whose job is it to regulate the questionable lending? That would be the government. And Bush is in charge of it.

Bush came into office eight years ago complaining that he had inherited a recession. It was brief and mild.

When he delivered his speech Wednesday night, Bush had 118 days left before the next president is sworn in on Jan. 20.

When Bush leaves, his successor will inherit a problem of historic proportions.


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