August 7, 2008

Parks Are For People

It’s been a roller coaster summer with the controversy over the Gale Community Center. After 12 long years it is open to the public, and to all ages.

Other than the alderman and some of his followers being unhappy, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many smiles in this neighborhood. I hope Joe noticed last night as he and Dave Fagus walked through the National Night Out event in Gale Park. People were happy the new center was open, were happy that a positive event was taking place in their park, and were enjoying a pleasant evening like people in Anytown USA.

Opening of the Gale Community Center Part 1

In spite of the vehicle swerving into the fence before opening on Friday, in spite of a naughty person plastering paint in the gym on Saturday – neighbors streamed through the doors to finally see their new community center. BTW – the paint splatters were removed.

The fall program schedule for ALL AGES for ALL neighbors has been posted on the Chicago Park District website. Remember, the public may give input to the park supervisor or via the Gale Park Advisory Council on programming suggestions.

Opening of the Gale Community Center Part 2

Meanwhile, the hot legal topic of privatization of public parks for private use continues. Opinions on privatization of our public parks

Source: Chicago Journal News-Star

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