August 5, 2008

National Night Out - Beat 2422 - Gale Park Rocks!

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Bosworth said...

multiple gun shots again at 12:28 a.m. What is being done by the alderman to address this issue?

Toni said...

I heard three loud shots - not fireworks. Called 911 - saw undercover car on Bosworth. Lots of people moving from Jonquil to Bosworth. Don't know where shots were fired...or if anyone was hit. Was it another 'lets shoot a building' episode?

Bosworth said...

This shooting involved a car. After I heard the shots, I heard a car take off quickly. As I looked out my window, a young man dressed in a white t shirt and jeans was running toward Jonquil Terrace from Howard Street. He kept yelling to someone for the direction the car was heading. A few minutes after that I saw an undercover car speed down the street in reverse, stop a young man on the sidewalk and search him, then speed off again. I never saw any other police cars after that.