August 10, 2008

A Little Cheer

With the bad news on Morse Avenue for Andy McGhee early this morning ,
Broken Heart report and The Bench report

plus the loss of Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac

we need a little cheer in the blogosphere.

Here are a couple of neighbors treading away in the fitness room at the new Community Center on Saturday. I joined them and bicycled the easy way, did some hiking on the treadmill, and stiffened a few muscles on the weight machines.


Here's a little introduction to the new man in my life – 8 month old Lover Boy! As vain as he is, he just wouldn't sit still for his debut.


For a bountiful Sunday brunch – Leona’s can’t be surpassed. It was a pleasant summer day to join old friends and catch up. Later we walked to Morse to see the theater and a member of construction crew informed us it was definitely arson - but they would not be stopped. That's the spirit!


The strong east wind drove the waves across Jarvis Beach. One talented wind-surfer zipped back and forth all afternoon. Two surfers were testing the waves too.
GEDC0008 GEDC0019

These bright kites were flying proudly in the windy skies over Lake Michigan.


About an hour after we arrived, the bright orange kite broke away from its mooring on the rocks and flew over the beach landing in the parking lot of a condo building. A member of the Sunday regulars who owns the kite went to retrieve it. I missed getting a shot of the young man bringing the kite down the stairs to the beach. He was wrapped in flying orange cloth that was struggling to be airborne again. I called out ‘Hey, the Opening Olympic Ceremony – Jarvis Beach style!

GEDC0013 GEDC0014

“Fargo Tom” gives a thumbs up for the Jarvis Olympics Ceremony.



Bosworth said...

It's a great sight to walk through Gale Park at noon and see children playing on the swings and other playground equipment, playing ball and drawing and writing with sidewalk chalk! Let's take it one step further though, and clear out the open drinking of alcohol by the adult scum that hangs out in the northeast corner of the park and the dice and card games for money held there every day. I'd think it would be better if the kids didn't see that every day.

The North Coast said...

Nothing like a new baby in the house to bring cheer- that is one exceedingly beautiful little creature you have there.

Try not to spoil him TOO much.

Catherine on Eastlake said...

Congratulations on the new addition!

He's so sweet.

Will he keep his blue eyes?

Is he an Egyptian Mau?

I love kittens.

How does he like the dog?

Fargo said...

Congrats on your new fuzzbaby! Thanks for the positive thoughts.

Toni said...

Lover Boy's a regular alley cat mix to my knowledge - and his eyes will stay blue according to the vet. He has 4 dark rings around his tail and other markings remind me of a snow leopard.

He's a mellow little guy but isn't afraid of anything or anyone. He greets everyone at the door, does his Lovie act and proceeds to charm even those who aren't cat people.