August 18, 2008

Howard Street El Station Closed Until 2009

Saturday night was the farewell to the Howard Street El Station as we knew it. From now until ‘early 2009’ anyone living in the hood will have to use the entrance on Paulina.


The construction barriers have finally been removed to reveal the old North Shore station that is an exit only from the red and purple lines onto Howard. At least it will save that traipse around the corner and the long suburban stop light. Too bad it can’t accommodate entry while the opposite side is being revamped.

GEDC0084 GEDC0085

The one and only entrance is on Paulina where all the buses congregate – both CTA and PACE.


Once inside the enclosed area, the escalators take riders to the next level.
GEDC0087 GEDC0088 GEDC0089

Swipe your card here and


enter the turnstiles and proceed down to the platform.


And please, move down the platform instead of forming clusters at the foot of the steps. This is going to be a major traffic flow problem.

Since I missed the Ron Huberman meeting, which escalator(s) needs to be enclosed?


Bosworth said...

What a difference a day makes! With the el station entrance closed on Howard Street, there are no panhandlers, no one loitering, no drug dealers in sight, and only one prostitute out today. Apparently the drug dealers didn't have a chance to let all of their customers know they were moving. One poor guy was riding around on his motorcycle this morning looking for his dealer. He's been getting his drugs twice a week at the Howard el station entrance for the last 8 months or so. He had to find his dealer on the west side of the el station today.
With the complete change on Howard Street (at least for today) maybe we should ask the CTA to keep that entrance closed permanently? Or maybe the CTA staff and CTA Security should do their jobs and keep the el stations clear of the trouble.

Toni said...

Uh, closing the entrance won't solve the loitering problem - they'll move across the street where they have a nice dark cave with EXIT only.

If/When the loiterers are constantly moved along or arrested - then and only then will there be a quiet place. That includes both CTA security/staff and CPD and maybe a monitored camera.

Hugh said...

"Once inside the enclosed area, the escalators take riders to the next level."

on a good day, the escalators are running