August 4, 2008

The Grand Tour Continues

I ran into a neighbor tonight who missed the open house over the weekend. So he got the grand tour. The fitness room was busy and the gym had watchers and players.

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The fall programs for ALL AGES for ALL neighbors has been posted on the Chicago Park District website. It should automatically load Gale Park for you. For further information, stop in and see the employees in bright yellow T-Shirts.

Remember, tomorrow is National Night Out in Gale Park with lots of festivities planned. The new public building will be open for those of you who haven't had the grand tour yet.


Bill Morton said...

You know,

The North Shore School had a full gym in perfect condition ... Joe Moore and the citizens for a healthy Rogers Park won't mention that!.

Toni said...

AND classrooms, and a bowling alley, and a large grassy play area, and by the photos of the demolition, a library with books still on the shelves as the bulldozers gnawed on it.

Meanwhile, Moore and the HRP could be focusing their time and energies to get funding - grants, fundraising for the Gale Annex. Sen. Steans was pledging $50k (source unknown) so they need to research and/or to 'discover' how much more (if any) it would cost to have the BGC be a school based program at the annex. But writing grants requires research, work and time. Double taxing and privatization of a public park building seem to be their only method.

But for some reason they are fixated on this building - one can't help wondering why and for 'how much' this fixation is lingering.