August 13, 2008

Gentrification Hits North of Howard

You read correctly – the cats heard a terrific noise yesterday morning and ran to alert me. We peeked out the window and saw a huge red crane. We pulled the blinds back down so it couldn't sneak in and steal their toys and I left to check it out. Actually, I went to work but that’s not sensational…

GEDC0012 GEDC0013

A long flatbed loaded with air conditioning units stood on Bosworth while a Gatwick crane unloaded them onto the roof. Now the new tenants can have proper air conditioning.

GEDC0014 GEDC0015

There are still 'old tenants' residing in the Broadmoor. Unlike previous managers, this new group is trying to run a clean, safe building according to some tenants and securitiy. Time will tell. It's an improvement over the Higginson days with Miss Pearl and the loudspeakers and screaming doors.

It would be fun to step into a time capsule and see this building in its glory in the late 1920's. Once upon a time there was a ballroom that has since been chopped into apartments. 'We Broadcast Broadmoor Music' became the call letters for Channel 2- WBBM and had its humble beginnings (ham radio operators) in the old hotel.


mcl said...

The WBBM (We Broadcast Broadmore Music) came from the 'new' media of radio broadcasting live music and dancing in the ballroom of this once 'high end' north side residential hotel which was the summer home to many well-to-do Chicagoans. During this time and into the 40's, Howard Street, including the 7600 block of Paulina, was a rival to any commercial street in the city, including State St., and had a number of nightclubs and dinner clubs featuring the big name stars of the day.

The North Coast said...

This is a good sign. Hope the improvement continues.

I hope this lovely old place can be restored as a nice place to live for nice lower-income tenants.