August 16, 2008

Air and Water Show - 50th Year

A friend twisted my arm to hit the beach today for the special Friday event. Guess what? A lot of people were not in their offices or cubes but on the beach.

GEDC0029 GEDC0030

The Golden Knights made a grand entrance through smoke circles. Bill Murray was at the end one of the pink spiraling puffs of smoke in the second photo.

GEDC0035 GEDC0043


What's the Air Show without the Blue Angels?

GEDC0052 GEDC0066 GEDC0048 Blue Angels

Lt. Dan Band with Gary Sinise


At twilight there was more to the show. There was a police boat and helicopter rescue demonstration and then the night flying began. Lighted underbellies of the planes in formation looked like a sci-flick with the full moon as a backdrop. One plane designed by the pilot was outfitted with fireworks streaming from the wing tips. Then out of the darkness high above, it looked like a comet was entering the atmosphere. Then more followed. It was the night time version of the Golden Knights parachute team. Instead of pink smoke they lit up the night skies with golden sparks. It was 'awesome' as were the grand finale fireworks.

Night Flying

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T. Mannis said...

Hi Toni! Those photos are awesome!