July 26, 2008

SOCC Rally - The FACTS and The Moore-Ginderske Lobby

The people of Rogers Park were supportive in today’s first rally. They came, they listened, chose signs to carry, and didn’t give up until the grand finale at the ward office. The people today weren’t about politics but were about getting those who make the politics of our world to keep their promises. Two government entities, an Alderman and the Park District, promised this community center for ALL people in the community. After twelve long years the building is finally a reality –under siege of lobbying that is keeping the doors closed.

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FACT: Yesterday, July 25, 2008 around 3:00 PM Eva McCann called me at work stating she’d just gotten off the phone with Matt Marino of the Park District. He had called to inform her that the Gale Community Center would open on or around August 1, 2008 as a park district facility with park district employees supervising programs.

FACT: I got off the purple line at Howard yesterday before 6:00 PM to be greeted by Mr. Ginderske’s friend and former aldermanic campaign helper, Francis Scudellari handing out bright orange factless sheets about the center and the BGC. The whole North of Howard neighborhood was plastered with them. That was done by Moore’s paid minions.

FACT: Everyone on the Ward49 email list received a blast from Moore at 5:03PM mirroring much of the contents of the orange factless sheet. Moore urges everyone to email Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Chico. Well, think about these FACTS before you believe a word in that email. Think about these facts before you send a "happy happy" email to either Mitchell or Chico!

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POSSIBILITY: Perhaps Tim Mitchell and Gery Chico of the Park District want this headache to disappear and made a decision and Joe and his insiders are still fighting with their orange propaganda.

POSSIBILITY: Was it a ploy to hopefully pacify the neighborhood and the SEIU Local 73 while continuing the negotiations? Will there be a reversal announcement at a later date? …upon further consideration we have changed our minds…kind of tactic. Not above board but this is Chicago!

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FACT: As Eva stated today at the rally, Marino’s call now appears to be a small victory.

FACT: The larger battles still loom since Moore and his supporters are still working to show Tim Mitchell and Gery Chico the whole world wants the privatization of one more corner of Chicago’s PUBLIC spaces at the taxpayers expense.

FACT: When Eva told me about Matt Marino’s call the first thing I said ‘get an email from him, get something in writing, get a paper trail’. She left him a message and he called back stating that Tim King of the Park District would mail her a document to that effect. Mr. King, how about a scanned pdf in an email? It’s much faster, efficient and saves paper.

FACT: Between the two hours of 3:00PM and 5:00PM July 25, 2008 the Gale Community Center is either:

A. Really going to open on or near August 1, 2008 as a public facility managed by Park District staff.

B. Or open the doors to give the appearance that it’s a public park facility while Joe and Ginderske and the BGC lobby and hammer away at their negotiations.

C. A reliable anonymous source states the amount of the purse the Park District is willing to offer the Lathrop Boys and Girls Club to take over a taxpayer-paid- for building is in excess of the quoted $100k. Let’s try $150-$300k as the donation of our tax dollars to the charity of Joe Moore’s choice on our unwilling behalf..

Keep on your toes neighbors – Moore and Ginderske don’t like to hear the word NO.

D. There will be more than one form of collusion from both the Park District and Moore if that building opens under any other management than a park managed facility whether it be August 1, 2008 or any year. Where is the accountability gentlemen?


The Statement of The People:


Moore's paid minions removed the petition names and signs after everyone finally dispersed from the rally.

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