July 30, 2008

The Sensitive People of Our Ward

SEIU Local 73 Says NO to Joe

A 5-minute video of Dale Jackson, of the SEIU says a lot.

Some witnessed Ginderske doing the Rooster Strut at Loyola last week at Frank Klein, SEIU – great way to impress Joes’ SEIU donors. Then three of the gang tried the Rooster Strut at Jasson Perez, SEIU after the Heartland Live radio event on Saturday. That, of course, was after Joe Moore – not on the agenda given Eva and Jasson – suddenly appeared to spin for his loyal contributors, supporters, board member of Lathrop BGC and of course, that other sensitive guy, Jim Ginderske.

That day was the first time ‘the public’ has heard from the alderman in person on this attempted privatization of a public space in a public park. (Until that day, Joe relied on his email blasts to his distribution list.) He still maintained that there weren’t any secretive sessions going on. That’s why one NFP director went to Joe’s office on another matter and was invited to join the meeting at the last minute. That’s why some NFP’s should be wondering what the hell is going on with the NO RFP – Open Bid process. Where was it, what was it, and why wasn’t everyone included in the beginning?

Another neighbor stated he was confronted by Ginderske’s pal and former aldermanic campaign helper Terry Feingold at a public event over the issue. With this aggressive behavior – how can they possibly maintain this isn’t political on their part? We have the pathetic Rooster Strut imitation of the Sopranos crew intimidating and spinning their way to promote this silent (secret) RFP process.

Meanwhile, Joe maintains that a ‘small group is spreading misinformation’ about the proposed deal. SHOW US THE PROPOSED AGREEMENT then before it's signed! Meanwhile, Joe stated in one email blast that there would be a public meeting once an agreement has been made. Well, isn’t that a little late?

So once again, we have the political agenda backed by aggressive confrontational behavior by these sensitive people.

The same, sensitive, tuned-in people that missed the Gale Park Groundbreaking – the real one.

The above link is to the spontaneous (damage control) outdoor 'health fair' for the children after the fatal fire in September, 2006 that took the lives of 6 children here.

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