July 21, 2008

Moore is Why the Field House is Not Open

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On Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Tim Mitchell, General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District, told the officers of the North of Howard Park Advisory Council that the alleged "buckling of floor boards" in one corner of the gym near the door in the new field house in Gale Park on Howard St has been resolved, that there are no outstanding issues with the contractor, and that the Park District has signed off on project completion.

Did You Know...

On Friday, July 11, 2008, Mitchell told us that the privatization of the operation of the new Park District field house is Joe Moore's idea, that the Park District is not for or against the privatization, and that the Park District will do whatever the community wants.

(Unfortunately so far Mr. Mitchell is mistaking Joe Moore and Jim Ginderske for our community. Meanwhile, the unions are learning what we have long known which is Joe Moore has no principles, there is nothing he believes in).

Did You Know...

It's not about operational funding. The Park District's 2008 budget includes headcount increases for the neighborhoods and fee increases to pay for them. The Park District has already conducted and completed a selection process for staff for the new field house, and has already offered jobs to a park supervisor and several assistants.

Moore is proposing to spend an undisclosed "substantial sum" of Park District dollars to PAY a private contractor to operate the taxpayer-built Park District field house in Gale Park.

Did You Know...

The ONLY reason that the new field house in Gale Park on Howard Street is not open RIGHT NOW - is:

Joseph A. Moore.

It's criminal.

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