July 29, 2008

Moores' Lobby Mantra - How Genuine Is It?

It’s All About The Children – has become Joe Moore’s latest mantra.

Until Sister Cecilia and Eva started lobbying for a community center, Moore was busy on more important projects. He was busy for years and years.

Was he sickened when he saw how children NOH did gymnastics? If he was sickened, he certainly has a long reaction time. It had to be pounded and pounded to make the mark.


Suddenly Moore has put on his sensitive hat with his lobbying for Ginderske and the Lathrop BGC Board member/Moore supporter who lives on Albion. Albion is far, far away from the sights and sounds of NOH.

Joe seldom wanders around NOH unless it’s a campaign year. He used to say he had a dear friend living here so he had a vested interest. Well, his friend sold the condo and became Mrs. Moore. His only vested interest is the people he can manipulate with a few bucks to litter a neighborhood. Rather than getting them real jobs like he did for Wayne Frazier, he doles out a few bucks for odd jobs here and there for ‘the children’.

All these sensitive people should come visit and walk the hood with us, get to know your neighbor kind of thing.

Sell your house, buy NOH – come be with us.

Then you can have a genuine hands-on ‘help the children’ campaign in your own backyard NOH.


Hugh said...

"Well, his friend sold the condo and became Mrs. Moore."

Moore added her to his deed and his mortgage, but she still owns the condo at 1417 W Jonquil, Unit 2, PIN 11-29-107-032-1020, keeping her options open, can't blame her.

Hugh said...

For the record, the photo was orignally posted April 3. 2005

Spring Gymnastics at Gale Park

Hugh said...

Moore claims he first got interested in Gale Park in June, 2008 and vehemently denies any involvement prior to that in two blast e-mails.