July 27, 2008

Keep The Petition Going....

In light of the timing of events on Friday, July 25, 2008 -

A. Matt Marino of the Chicago Park District contacted Eva McCann stating the Gale Community Center would open as a park facility on or about August 1, 2008. That was around 3:00PM

B. Moore sends an email blast to his ward list begging everyone to contact Tim Mitchell and Gery Chico and beg for the BGC with him and Ginderske around 5:00PM.

C. Moore's email does NOT MENTION Marino's phone call to Eva. He may have received a message but was too busy to read it or listen to it. Or, perhaps it's in the pile of unreturned messages. After all, many people skip out of work early on Friday afternoons.

D. SOCC's petition drive is not OVER - we asked that the petitions be turned in for tabulation to present the number of signatures at the July 15 regular monthly meeting. Since July 15, many Ward 49'ers have signed the petition to keep Gale Community Center a public building operated by the Park District.

Please contact SOCC in the link below to get petitions signed in your neighborhood to make sure those without email capability can be heard.

Save Our Community Center Petition


Sofi said...

I posted this at the Living Room (love that name!)
but thought it would be good to share here as well.

Boys and Girls Clubs are great, that's a given.
BTW, that recent poll is not so recent, but be that as it may.

The principal of Gale has welcomed BGC into the Annex. How does that square with "no other place" than the new Park District facility?

What about the other NFPs that have been operating youth programs? There are many, among them the one whose director wrote a big, open letter in the neighborhood paper.

Why on earth would we (the neighborhood) let ourselves be bamboozled into an either/or arrangement.

What we need is both-and!!
Let the BGC go to the Gale Annex, let the CPD run the center, and while we're at it, open up some storefronts and other unused, trashed up space to all the other groups that have the brains and the hearts to serve our kids.

If we did all of that, there would still be a need for more. Our future depends on it (since our future depends on today's children).

Which part of no-brainer is eluding our, umh, "powers" that (might) be?

This is getting beyond merely irksome.
It's time for a little outrage. Polite, focused, effective outrage, not just hollering.

I urge every person who can to write some letters, with copies to all and sundry, including the media.
Any NPR folks here? Anybody got clout with any of our major stations (radio and tv)? Letters, calls, whatever you can do, folks!

The North Coast said...

Jeez, to have to fight a battle like this just to keep a public space for the public, and prevent it from being requisitioned for private use at a politician's whim.

We Democrats used to be the party that was supposed to represent the public interest and protect civil rights.

What happened to all that, Joe Moore? Why is it so much trouble just to let the parks alone and reserve public property for public uses?

Hugh said...

"What about the other NFPs that have been operating youth programs? There are many, among them the one whose director wrote a big, open letter in the neighborhood paper."

Here's a link to that powerful letter, highly recommended:

Existing youth programs must be included in plans for Gale Community Center

youth program director
Howard Area Community Center