July 3, 2008

The Judgmental Spin

Good ole Judgmental Jim! It’s very odd that he chose just one meeting to attend and it just happened to be the meeting where the alderman tried to change the councils pre-planned agenda to suit his agenda. It’s extremely strange that the flyer stating the point and purpose of the meeting sent to the ward office was changed. The prepared communication to the neighborhood by the council was more than ignored. The content of the ward email blast was altered, re-written and re-arranged with the exception of date, time and place. Those three items were left alone!

Is that allowed in City Council meetings? Mr. Mayor, my colleague and I don’t like the agenda for this month, so this is what we’re going to discuss.

Because the council stuck to its agenda, Jim incorrectly states that the council refused to allow the children to speak. Well, how much do kids know or care about by-laws? They aren’t real exciting material to many adults let alone kids. He forgot to mention that people who came thinking it was a “community input” meeting were informed that the council was sticking to their agenda of by-laws and an election but they were welcome to stay.

Somewhere in the interview, Jim avoids mentioning that someone misrepresented the councils’ planned agenda. Also not mentioned was a park district employee who claimed the guilt for the changed agenda in discussions with the alderman. Jim omitted a lot about his one and only meeting but he got his ward-wide prime time on News-Star. And that’s what matters most - getting his name is out there.

"I would have invited them, but I didn't think they were interested in representing the community," Ginderske said. "They've taken every opportunity to be as critical of the alderman as they can. That's OK during an election season, but when the election is over it's time to work together and they've made it clear that they don't want to work with anybody."

Good ole Judgmental Jim! That’s right – he didn’t think because it was a planned disruption to the agenda. His role wasn’t to think but to be a witness to further misconstrue the ‘hijacking’ when the time was right. Since he admits to attending only one meeting, how can he determine the content or scope of councils meetings or work? He can’t.

Did he ask for our opinion? Did he ask for copies of any approved council minutes or agendas to make his determination? Did he ask the community? He didn’t need to if it was predetermined to divide and conquer with his ‘vision’. Yes, it’s quite appropriate to exclude a council, as well as a whole community, when one is an expert in such matters. Could Jim’s political future be more important than the future of a little neighborhood to him?

Some council members met with April Janney of the Boys and Girls Club tonight. When I can make some direction from the circles spun, I’ll relay my take on it.