July 17, 2008

Joe Moore's Spin

“Moore also said that he initially informed the entire park advisory council in a meeting that took place in his neighborhood ward office on June 5 to discuss renaming Gale Park."

Moore forgot to mention that he dropped it on us at the end of the renaming meeting. Dropped it at the end of the meeting.

"They were informed ahead of time," Moore said of the park advisory council. "As you can see by the timeline, there wasn't a whole lot of secret negotiations going on." The Complete Story from News Star

What Moore failed to disclose to the News-Star is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

True: There were some park council members at the private meeting at his office on June 5.

False: Not every member attended the private meeting at his office on June 5.

True: Two other park council members attended the June 16 meeting but...

False: were not there as advisory council members but as members of other organizations invited to the table! It just so happens that they were conveniently council members so it would ‘appear’ the council had been included.

True: That statement in a newspaper is typical spin.

True: Moore shared bits and pieces of the negotiations at a public meeting June 17 known as a park advisory council meeting. Of course, that was the day after wasn’t it?

True: Moore did 'host' a meeting at the City Council offices.

False: Moore failed to mention that Eva, president of the council, had requested a meeting with Tim Mitchell when Joe dropped it on us June 5. In order to be 'in control' this is how Moore handled it. The Council was there to ask questions and to give statements which Joe didn't want to hear or perhaps didn't want others at the table to hear.

Ten minutes on June 5 and 15-20 minutes on June 17 isn’t exactly full disclosure. Hey, what about the meeting in April? Only two meetings in total?

It's a good attempt to spin away from it all though.

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