July 23, 2008

Highlights of North Regional Park District Budget Hearing

July 22 was the Area 5 - North Regional Park District 2009 budget hearings at Loyola Park. PAC members and neighbors living near northern area parks appeared to make their requests a matter of public record to Matt Marino and Brian Loll of the Northern Region who in turn report the individual parks needs up the chain of command.

The three parks North of Howard were represented with the wish list(s).

Several neighbors and friends stood during the whole Gale Park Budget List reading and many were holding signs.

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Shortly thereafter, Mr. Dale Jackson, SEIU Local 73 addressed the gentlemen of the Park District. This is a brief overview of his statement: There are 2,200 SEIU members who are employees of the Park District and there are contract negotiations coming up soon. The SEIU is in total disagreement with outside agencies running programs in a park facility. Therefore, there is no support of a Boys and girls club in Gale Park Community Center from the SEIU. Mr. Jackson stated the public has repeatedly demanded that Gale Park Community Center remain public and wondered aloud when did elected officials and officials of the Park District stop listening to the people? He further stated the proposed BGC would limit access to the public. Jackson referenced the suit the people won over the soccer field in Lincoln Park and the slippery slope the Park District is creating. I have requested his full statement to blog in its entirety.

After all the speakers representing their parks and other park-related issues had spoken, Mr. Ginderske, having signed up to speak after arriving late, addressed the group. He spoke of the issues concerning poverty and crime and the relation between the two. Again, he cited the study done for the health clinic and made reference to interviews with Rogers Park residents who indicated concerns to him about youth.

Mr. Ginderske again reiterated his BGC promotion that a) membership is a flat $20.00/year and b) he claimed that according to CAPS 2422 meetings (he attended the July meeting for the first time in ages) that many issues arise from non-resident youth visiting their non-custodial parent or family members in Rogers Park. Their visitor status, according to Ginderske, often leads youth down the wrong path. Ginderske changed his original stance that Gale School did not have the supplemental funding to support a BGC club in the Gale Annex to the Board of Education did not have the supplemental funding. So which is it?

What Ginderske did not mention was that certain programs with special instructors would require an additional fee (just like certain Park District Programs) above the flat $20/year membership.

Mr. Klein, also of SEIU 73, had spoken on other issues but not Gale. However, after the meeting adjourned, many witnessed Mr. Ginderske angrily confront the man.

I did not give Internet time to a portion of the July 10 meeting in the aldermanic conference when Mr. Moore raised his voice at me. However, after witnessing Mr. Ginderske’s aggressive behavior after the meeting toward Mr. Klein, I will. At the point in the July 10 meeting when I asked two government entities ‘where is the transparency, why was the Gale Park Council excluded and where were the public meetings’, Mr. Ginderske jumped right into the answer. Since it had appeared in the News-Star, he pushed his point that we are ‘difficult to work with’. He referenced the ONE council meeting he attended which was the attempted change of the agenda. Ginderske pointed out that I used the term hijacking on ‘your blog’. He referred to his sister and the term hijacking in the 9/11/01 attacks. I replied: “It’s a word Jim and this issue is not about me or my blog and what about your…” At that point, Moore started his thundering. So as soon as that was over, I still stated for all to hear that Mr. Ginderske’s lawyer friend has a blog which has posted some rather outrageous, nasty slams at certain council members sitting at the table.

Apparently, when one steps in it, the other changes the subject to continue the divisive tactics to keep from being transparent and open. As I pointed out to him - my blog wasn’t on the agenda that day – at least in print.


Toni said...

Statement from RPVoter regarding the Gale Issue

Transparency, Transparency, wherefore art thou?

Toni said...
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YourChicagoFriend said...

How the hell does Ginderske come to the conclusion that he has some authority over this issue?

As far as I can tell, he is not employed by the city and was not elected by anyone to any position.

That third-rate loser needs to sit down.

Hugh said...

" ... Mr. Ginderske’s lawyer friend ... "

Let's not forget Ginderske's attack blogger Westgard is also the former registered agent for Ginderske's former not-for-profit tree house club which was dissolved by the Illinois Secretary of State on May 9, 2008.

NHRP: Ginderske's Sham Organization