July 12, 2008

Gale Park Advisory Council Position

Since the July 10, 2008 meeting was declared casual by Joe Moore, since he brushed off statements being read for that reason, below is the statement from the Gale Park Council to the community. The points were made verbally at various intervals of the meeting when we were allowed to speak. Frequently we had to interject them into the discussion. To ensure they understand any points that may NOT have been allowed to be stated, this email was sent to Tim Mitchell, Joe Moore and the BGC and a others on both sides of the issue.

To the Community:

Two of the roles of the Park Advisory Council is to

1. Advise the Chicago Park District on all operations and development of the park, and

2. Act as liaison between the community and the Chicago Park District.

We have tried our best, despite handicaps and obstacles in our way, to fulfill our responsibilities, most recently with the attempt to locate a private entity in the public facility, that is, our Gale Park Community Center. Following is the position we conveyed verbally to the Chicago Park District, Alderman Moore, and the Boys and Girls Club.

We, Gale Park Advisory Countil, have

· Consulted the community.
· Are knowledgeable of the positions of other Rogers Park organizations.
· Spoken with Boys and Girls Club and Gale school principal.
· Examined the history of how the BGC was invited to consider Rogers Park

Now we come to the Park District to hear our position and the will of the community:


We want the Park District to keep its promise to the community, to honor the hard work by all persons who contributed with money or labor to make the Park facility a reality, and to operate and manage this facility and all three green spaces as one unit.

We further recommend to the Boys and Girls Club, which brings assets to a community, to negotiate with CPS and Mr. Glass, the principal, to become co-partners in the Annex building, which is more suitable in size, amenities and access to youth.

Because a park supervisor and staff have already been hired, we want Gale Park Facility to open on July 15th for recruitment and programming. And we want the advisory council to have a walk through of the building on Monday, July 14th


Toni said...

We must fully recognize that the Park District and certain aldermen would diminish park councils across the city to privatize public spaces. If just ONE pilot is allowed there is the possibility of more public spaces being turned over to private entities across our Chicago Parks.

If a certain percentage of annual property taxes are funnelled into the Park District, another percentage into the public schools and other government entities, such as the police, the fire department etc. taxpayers should start considering what stake they have in these private 'deals'. They should also be wondering what the percentage of TIF funds amounts to that is collected by the Park District.

Perhaps the taxpayers and the powers that be need to examine the intent of this offering of $100,000.

Who needs the money more, the Park District or the school to provide a large home for the BGC?

Hypothetical Concept:
If I were a NFP and with that kind of money and my mission was 'for the greater good of children' I would put my bucks on the larger annex where there is room to partner with the school and other agencies in the area. How about you?

mcl said...

It's seems pretty obvious that the 'clique' that schemed this turnover deal up, have a different mission/agenda for our neighborhood, including the Boys & Girls Clubes. By the way, I think it was Hugh who reported that the salary of the B&G Clubs of America Executive Director, is just under $1,000,000/yr. How's that for a mission,!!!

Toni said...

I can't find any salary information on the chairman or exec director other than his $990k salary from his position at a Fortune 500 company. However, I'm sure there's a 'stipend' for his position on the board.

mcl said...

The source for the salary info is The Bench "Pillaging the Boys & Girls Club", posted July 3rd.

"The top executive of the "non-profit" Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is paid nearly a million dollars a year. Roxanne Spillett's compensation for doing "charity work" is listed at $972,908. [Source: CharityReports.bbb.org]"

mcl said...

Here's the direct link:

Toni said...

Salary Link