July 3, 2008

The Buckled Floor

On the walk to the train yesterday morning, I noticed a worker at the door of the building at 1610 West Howard. I stopped and told him I’d heard the new gym floor was buckled. He said he didn’t know, he was working on another project (not major either). I asked if there was any way to check out the buckling story. He couldn’t let me look which I already knew but I asked if he could sneak a peek for me. So while he went to look a neighbor passed and I grabbed him as my witness! The worker came out and told us the floor looked fine to him.

Good neighbor sent me this email to verify for those who point fingers:
Hi Toni,

Nice to see you this morning. I'm also relieved that there is nothing wrong with the Gale Park Field House's flooring. Who should I believe; Joe Moore or the construction guy who checked the floors for us this morning? Himm, an eye witness account or....

At last night’s meeting with the BGC, (more to come on that) Mr. Sanchez of BGC was talking about his walk-through of the building and grounds yesterday. I couldn’t resist asking if the floor was buckled. He said there was some buckling near a door, probably from water seepage – but the main playing floor was fine.

So that’s the scoop on the warp and the weave.

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