July 25, 2008

Are The NFP's Wondering?

Think about this….

How many social service agencies are in this area?

How long have they been here?

How many provide services to youth with after school programs and summer camps?

Did the unaccountable politicians build a ‘new house’ with tax dollars for them?

Were they given the opportunity to respond to an RFP to be the vendor at the Gale Community Center with a $100K purse for programming and personnel? According to my sources, they were not. Are they wondering why? I certainly hope so.

If I were an NFP director struggling to find extra space in a storefront for children and staff I’d be wondering. If I’d been here 20-30 years, writing grants, selling the good points of my NFP to obtain additional funding to meet rising costs, I’d be wondering. I’d be wondering how the park district and an alderman could bring in a new NFP and give them the new house in Gale Park, lock, stock and barrel without a second thought. And, the new NFP will bring their own board of directors to run the whole show in the area.

The negotiators state there will be room for all of us, but I’d be wondering how we will all fit into the downsized community center.

I’d be wondering what will happen to my young people, their parents and my funding for them. At donation time, will be big corporations look over the neighborhood and say ‘hey, there’s a Boys and Girls Club’ and give to them before they even notice the rest of us?

Since I’m not a director of an NFP, I guess I shouldn’t worry since I don’t have a horse in the NFP race. But I sure as hell pay taxes in this place and so do you.

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