July 13, 2008

Annex and Community Center Comparison

This is the entrance (east) to the Stephen A Gale Annex building on Marshfield. There is a full size gym just beyond the front door and across the hall. It's also a polling place, so many neighbors have been in the building. I’m not sure where the computer lab is located but I have been to the upper level in the wonderful greenhouse on the west side of the building.


This is another view of the Annex and it is not a small building.


After years of waiting and delays, this is the end result of the long-awaited Community Center. I know Mr. Mitchell referred to the final cost at $10 million during the July 9 Park District Board meeting. Had the government entities involved moved as quickly as they do when they want something, it wouldn’t have been so expensive which includes the reduction in square footage.

Note: The BGC would not have to pay rent at the Gale Annex. That $100,000 could be used for the youth.

GEDC0006 GEDC0002

Rear view facing south of the gymnasium.


Rather than squeezing 60 children into each of the rooms facing Howard street in the community center that have dividers - just how many more could be easily accomodated in the Gale Annex? Due to budget reductions the facility is not wired for computers. Laptops would have to be used.

Again, where is that word compromise so that North of Howard and all of Rogers Park could welcome a BGC and retain two facilities to serve everyone?

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