June 15, 2008

Who Is To Blame?

From the Sun-Times:

Do we need to wonder where the kids learn their bad attitudes?

Lets preface the post with: Not all kids are bad and not all parents go to such extreme measures.

Some parents teach their children right from wrong and if their child is ordered to clean a bathroom as punishment there would be no outrage. Then there are those like Willie Johnson.

We have our versions of Johnson here in North of Howard. Their kids can break tree branches, throw trash on the sidewalks, throw rocks at people and windows, vandalize the parks or the school and walk away laughing. Their kids can also be rude and obnoxious to their peers and disrespectful to adults. If an adult cautions one of these kids that their behavior is improper – all hell breaks loose. If the incident is accelerated to a 311 or 911 call, the parents and guardians come out yelling and threatening in defense of their child.

But until there is an incident, the parents are nowhere to be seen. There’s more than one victim in these scenarios – and the often unsupervised children are the largest risk. Peer pressure to do naughty childish things like spraying the park bathroom is part of growing up. Being caught and being disciplined is also part of growing up. The clean up order should have been a learning experience for child and parent.

Instead it was a call to battle.

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