June 27, 2008

Where's The Citation?

Yesterday, June 26, a call was made to the ward office. Max answered the call. The request was to give a message to Ms. Sullivan who is in charge of buildings to please remind the new management of the Broadmoor about parkway cleanliness.

Broadmoor East Trash Repeat GEDC0006

Weeks of accumulated trash – IDM Services 312 492 8705
If it’s a matter of Urgency or Emergency – call Arien? at 773 983 7766

So neighbors, if you think this is an eyesore, give IDM a jingle.

If you see suspicious activity, give Arien? a call. Or take your chances on getting attention from the Ward office. They're mighty busy.

GEDC0002 GEDC0004


Bosworth said...

I am tired of picking up litter and liquor bottles and cans after the pigs in this neighborhood. Does anyone know what steps need to be taken to vote an area dry?
Maybe we need to remove the source of 75% of the trash in the area by shutting them down.

Toni said...

Bos -like me, you are a relative newbie.

Once upon a time there were 17 establishments that sold liquor between Sheridan and Clark on Howard! There were bars on other wide streets too. Ask any old timer.

All that remains is the liquor store at the corner of Rogers and Sheridan, Round the Clock and Dominicks. The latter managed to squeeze in under and after the wire.

Fargo Woman said...

Residents who have lived here longer than I can correct me if I'm wrong but it is my understanding that up until 1977 or '78 were as many as 6 bars on Paulina, north of Howard, just in that one block stretch from Howard to Jonquil. Then the entire North of Howard Area was voted dry. Of course, voting an area dry doesn't extend to closed container sales so that's why we have the liquor stores and Dominick's still selling. At least that's my understanding. Now, I don't know if you even can vote an area dry of all liquor sales including closed containers. I think you have to address each business as a separate entity and make a case for them being or adding to a public nuisance.

By the way, Bosworth, the fact that you are picking up litter, etc. deserves a huge THANK YOU. You are far more civic minded than I am to do that even though littering is one of my pet peeves. I don't have the patience or the stamina to actually try to do anything like that and I admire you for stepping in. Thank you so very much.


Toni said...

Fargo Woman - Yes you are correct - this area was voted dry but I'm not sure of the date. It was long before I moved into an "a neighborhood" in transition. The backroom deal hadn't been completed without community input of course, for Northpoint's 12 buildings to be signed up for another 30 years. NP's management and security has been pushed to be more aggressive but there's a long way to go.

So when anti-social people drop trash in front of our buildings or the wind blow it there - we have to pick it up to avoid underground police calling 311 on us.

Then there's the Broadmoor Saga. Long before my arrival neighbors had it in building court. IMC Property Management finally dissolved but not before writing a management contract with Eastlake Management. One prospective buyer who has done great rehabs in the city backed out because he refused to have anyone but his crew managing his buildings. i.e. if he didn't honor clout heavy contracts, he was screwed.

So the city took over and the powers that be kept it low income, and the trash and weeds accumulate and grow. There was no community meeting on that move either.

And if we complain about drug dealing, prostitution, open air drug markets, trash, noise, loitering, the names start flying, the fingers start pointing, and the underground crew spread their smelly stuff.

Politics as usual.