June 16, 2008

We Weren't Informed Were We?

This piece of City Council legislation wasn’t mentioned in the May City Council Report. The whole informative report covered foie gras which was a citywide issue not a Ward 49 issue.

Su Casa – 1614-1622 W. Jonquil Terrace

The June report doesn’t mention that an Intergovernmental Agreement to transfer a large sum of money from the Howard Paulina TIF was put before the council in May. Nor does it mention Joe and Berny Stones' large contribution to fully fund the Gale Park Community Center.

To quote today’s report, which is all about Grant Park and the Childrens Museum, in part:

“I find it more than a little curious that the same Mayor, who unilaterally carves X's in runways in the name of creating more open space, would desecrate a park that has remained open, free and clear for over 170 years.

Why Grant Park? Why break a 170 year tradition of keeping Grant Park open, free and clear?

Because no one could provide me with a satisfactory answer to that simple question, I voted "no."”

Some North of Howard residents are more than a little curious about the continued promotion of this small neighborhood as a socio-economic experiment that is not coming close to making passing grades. Our poverty level is far too high for such a small area. There are no incentives for many low income neighbors to get out from under the ball and chain the enabling entities have imposed upon them.

Decisions have been made by non-residents about the demographics here for the last 30-40 years so they won’t have any subsidized properties in their back yard. We’re more than a little curious why some of these decision makers are even allowed a voice in our neighborhood. Why here? Why continue a tradition that works against itself but works well for social service agencies?

Why here? If we were fortunate enough to have an open community where we were allowed to break or better yet, reconfigure a failing 40 year tradition, would we get a satisfactory answer to that simple question ? We haven’t been given the democratic opportunity to respond.


tom who has lived here too long said...

It is truly amazing that we are still marhcing down a path that has created an inhospitable community north of howard.

The argument for and against the children's museum is almost esoteric in comparison. If Joe had the same open discussion about this project as Daley is having about the museum, I am sure he would hear a resounding "no" from the community. So he doesn't ask. Not exactly open government.

The North Coast said...

The reason we are still marching down the same path is that by the time a program has proved it doesn't work, we have so many bureaucracies whose existence, along with thousands of gold-brick jobs for each agency, depend upon its continuance. There is also the psychology of previous investment- people will always throw good money after bad in a sunk investment if only to prove that they weren't entirely wrong.

We're fighting a lot of inertia here.

Dan L said...

God bless da mare. He's far better than the alternative.

pearl said...

Depressing to see politicos tossing more money after bad.