June 2, 2008

The Vigil Begins

It didn't take long for the damage to begin did it? I noticed the little tombstone in the planter on Howard at the east end of the park.

Dead Flowers and Trash 015

Speaking of parks, Gale Park was left in a shambles after Saturdays chill out, cook out, roll the dice out night. Litter was everywhere at the north end of the park. Surely our tax money could be better spent on worthwhile projects than on trash crews to pick up after the illegal dealers, dice rollers, and beer drinkers. It's still illegal to drink alcoholic beverages in city parks. Oh, did I forget the fireworks specialists?

The city might not be so stringent on having a beer or two if people could be responsible drinkers. Apparently, responsiblity is not one of NOH's greater attributes.

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