June 10, 2008

Something Fishy With This Tale

There was a CTA worker at the Monroe Street station turning people away at the steps around 5:15pm. We were told there was a problem, the station was closed, but we could catch the train at the Grand Avenue station. Ha, right. I took a bus to Chicago Avenue and there were crowds waiting for any bus that would stop. The red line was not open.

The buses on Michigan were filled to more than safe limits. People had their faces right in the windshield next to the driver, packed so full that some bus doors wouldn't close. But according to the CTA's version it was only closed for a short while. Bus drivers didn't know if the trains were up and running or not. Great communication system the CTA provides its drivers and clients! At least traffic management was out on Lake Shore and the inner drives and all along the northern bus routes.

The details of the tragedy are probably yet unfolding. But if such bedlam was caused over one incident, what will happen with the Olympics?

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