June 25, 2008


There shouldn't be a need to scramble if one is organized or has a plan.

Deadlines can be rough. There were boundaries to determine, zoning changes, funding, design changes, construction costs, and red tape to wade through. Has the building commission and Park District checked off all the punch list items?

Monday morning, June 23, two workers exited the building at 1610 W. Howard in Gale Park. I inquired on the status of the punch list that has been given as the reason for the doors not opening. One worker responded that the interior had a few items that were corrected. He then pointed at the building and said they were finishing off exterior items and all should be completed by noon.

He shook his head and said "As far as I'm concerned, they can open it at noon today."

Oddly, Mr. Moore's email was sent shortly thereafter.

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Hugh said...

Scrambling is EXACTLY what the Boys&Girls School bait&switch is all about

the case for more CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT services north of Howard is COMPELLING (and well-known and documented on this site)

all Moore has to do is ASK and we shall receive

but he CAN'T - because of who he is - and that is the nut of this conflict

Richard M. Daley and Tim Mitchell are not about to give Moore something for nothing - rule # one is you have to ASK

they are not about to do his paper-work for him, securing an operating budget and headcount, without a sit-down

Moore is too busy telling everyone who will listen that he is the leader of the independent caucus in City Hall to be worried about basic needs in his ward

Moore's apologists are acting all deeply offended at the hijacking of this building because this issue exposes Moore for what he is - completely incapable of minimal functioning as a alderman