June 28, 2008

RP Garden Walk~Grand Finale

Dennis LoBue and Darwin Corwin hosted the grand finale to the Rogers Park Garden Walk June 24th. They kindly provided these words for their back yard garden.

Our garden is 20 years old and is always changing, not by me, but by time.
You will see many different types of plants, grasses, bamboo,
water plants, trees, bushes, vines, ferns, flowers, hostas, and more.

GEDC0019 GEDC0020

The ponds are 6 years old and have koi and goldfish
In the last 2 years 6 koi have been born and over a 100 goldfish.

Our special guest is a bull frog that has been with us for 5 years, we put a tad pole in the pond and up came Charley.

GEDC0021 GEDC0027

GEDC0023 GEDC0025

Our garden is an all year garden, we enjoy it in the spring when over 1000 tulips-jonquils come up-- summer when all the flowers start to bloom—autumn when the grasses turn red, brown, and golden – and winter when the snow covers everything and it looks so pure.

Everyday is a new day in our garden and the fun of seeing birds, all year round is a joy

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The North Coast said...

What a wonderful garden. Thanks for sharing all your garden photos, Toni.

I have always thought of Rogers Park as a neighborhood of gardens and trees,and the kind of people who nurture them; and was struck by the large number of lovely private gardens when I moved up here in 1997.

Congratulations to the Rogers Park Garden Group for the assistance they give local gardeners and their contributions to the beautification of the neighborhood.