June 3, 2008

Repeat Performance At The Broadmoor

This bag of trash has been sitting in front of Broadmoor East for about a week.

Dead Flowers and Trash 018

Must we have a repeat performance from 2007? The Broadmoor has new management and while they are rehabbing and keeping the place relatively safe and secure, they are lacking in the maintenance department. The weeds and dandelions are about 6 inches tall now. All the regulars and out of hood tourists know this strip is a good little hangout. So they do their business in their cars, consume quantities of food and beverage and toss it out the window.

As in days of yore, pick the meat off the bone and toss it to the dogs.

Dead Flowers and Trash 016

The City of Chicago and Joe and a few other players managed to retain the Broadmoor and Broadmoor East as ‘affordable housing’. Low rent does not entitle neighbors and their visitor pals to trash the street. If the Broadmoor needs more security, then so be it. This strip needs to be patrolled and kept clean. Instead, it's a drug and hooker hangout.

Shall we just send the Cook County Commissioners these photos as a virtual appeal that we should not have our taxes raised?

Anything goes North of Howard!

It was reported yesterday morning at the Howard El Satellite event.

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