June 9, 2008

Rental Condos On Marshfield

One street over on Marshfield is this property at 7711 that is rumored to be vacant except for the squatters. The windows on the first and second floor appear to reflect empty apartments. Once upon a time an attempt was made to convert these to condos. It is said that such a pitiful job was done that no one would buy them. So the owners turned to Section 8 rentals for guaranteed income.



Sandwiched between 7712 Ashland and 7711 Marshfield is this playground. There were 4 little girls playing without adult supervision in this alley.


They finally took their bikes into the yard below this sight.


Apparently, there are a lot of condos North of Howard that are actually rental. Do I care? Not really until I hear about loss of housing stock to condos and the subsequent hate mongering that goes on! What bothers me is the quality of life conditions owners or tenants create for themselves that subsequently degrade the neighborhood. The other alternative is the owners don’t really give a damn how their tenants live as long as the government checks hit the bank.

Where’s that housing forum crowd when it comes to these situations?


The North Coast said...

Why should the owners of these properties give a damn when they don't live here, and the feds pay them above-market rents via Section 8 while letting them operate however they please with no supervision or hindrance from the HUD or any other authority?

I'm surprised we have as many fine landlords left as we do. Given the present indulgent "entitlement" climate, you have to be surprised that any landlord still operates a well-run building for reasonable rents to good tenants, just like you have be surprised that any citizen still pays his mortgage.

Toni said...

Or their property taxes!