June 20, 2008

Red Herring Center

Generally, a red herring is a deliberate distraction. It’s a term used to define plots in mysteries and also tossed around in elections. Chris Adams was incorrectly defined by some in the last aldermanic election as a red herring candidate. When it appeared that not enough wide mouth bass were biting on that, the strategy switched and the Republican word surfaced. My home was wrongly accused of being a Conservative Headquarters paid for in full by the Republican Party. And after stealing my identity and address, they never sent a rent check. They may have been on the brink of bankruptcy after printing and mailing hundreds of postcards to ward 49’ers.

Lets examine the stealth attempt to reconfigue the Community Center into a Boys and Girls Club from another angle. Again, I state that it’s the principle not the club that I question.

Could it be that the agencies named in a public meeting by Joe are red herrings or shields to cover or extend revealing the truth a little longer? Are there other groups or individuals that were not mentioned? It’s a possibility. Loyalty has long been considered the integral bond that holds a family or group together. In reality, the individuals of a group may be working toward a common goal, but loyalties often switch.

It’s possible that RPCC, DevCorp, the Gregorys and the Principal of Gale Academy said ‘yes a Boys and Girls Club in Rogers Park would be a positive addition’. But did they specifically state “it has to be in Gale Community Center” or are they the red herrings to keep us from thinking or digging deeper? I think it's a little of both.

Some members of of the agencies mentioned above may be loyal enough and go along with the leader by allowing themselves to be the cover and take the heat to extend the unfolding drama. I will allow them to play their role if that pleases everyone. From my notes taken during the June 17 park council meeting, I also wrote as Joe named the big supporters..."members of Cotters' board who live in the area".

Cotters board from the web

I think I’ll review my first gut instinct when I heard the words “Boys and Girls Club”. One name immediately surfaced and I verbally stated it June 5 at Joe’s office in the parks naming meeting. He seemed to become a little fidgety or did he suddenly realize people aren't all that forgetful and uninformed. Apparently someone has been lobbying for his next acquisition for the resume.

One of the original supporters who attended the September, 2007 break out meeting was not named in the above group by Joe. She was supportive years ago and helped neighbors with initial fundraising initiatives. She spoke that evening and emphatically requested that the building should not be referred to as a 'field house' (park district terminology) but as a Community Center for the whole neighborhood.

That would be State Representative Julie Hamos. Has the lobby reached her too?


twestgard said...

I note that some of your posts are tagged "Gale Community Center" and others are tagged "Gale Park Community Center." It makes it a little difficult to use the tags to follow your story, which I've found very interesting reading. Thanks!

Toni said...

Sorry to inconvenience you Mr. Westgard. You should have returned to the park council meetings and retained your membership. I'll be extra careful in the future to create matching tags.

Do you have any inside info to offer?